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Program Specialists

With a commitment to excellence in delighting our clients, we at MSB strive to foster robust relationships with all whom we serve. We believe in making a personal investment into each client to determine how to best serve their immediate and long-term goals. To provide this exceptional level of support, we offer a dedicated team of Program Specialists (PS) to each of our school districts.

Our PS team serves as expert consultants in leading the charge for the collection of educational documentation to discover and develop students. With a prosperous partnership as this team’s fundamental objective, they regularly seek to understand our clients’ ever-changing needs and goals so that our effort matches our passion. The Program Specialists provide onsite consultation and training to our individual clients at all levels of the Medicaid to Schools experience, whether that’s an aide in the classroom or a Special Education Director. Wherever our clients find success, the Program Specialist team is always there to empower every person to achieve their documentation goals.

As an administrator of the Medicaid to Schools program, the Program Specialist works with the district throughout the year on the following:
• Consultation and certification of the Participant List
• Management of RMTS
• Unlimited training and support on X Logs
• Consultation, certification, and completion of Cost Report
• Consultation and certification of MAC
• Monitoring of provider utilization
• Monitoring of goal progress
• Support, consultation, and completion of audit
• Consultation in any area related to the Medicaid to Schools program as the need arises
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