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MSB was founded more than 20 years ago, born out of extensive experience in school districts and fused with a strong desire to serve and support educators and students. While working in a rural school district, we witnessed the adversity that educators endured to acquire funding for services provided to children. At the time, students had to leave school to receive services from a doctor, which in turn caused them to lose valuable educational time. Furthermore, only those who were able to afford robust private insurance coverage could provide this opportunity to their children, which left a large population of students at a dire disadvantage. After our firsthand experience with these insurmountable hurdles, we realized that these schools did not have access to the necessary resources to capitalize on a Federal program specifically designed for school districts called Medicaid to Schools. This program was created to help bring services directly into the school, which fully relieved parents from the burden of cost and allowed for all students with special needs to participate without falling behind in their education. It also avoided impacting the community Medicaid pool of resources, as it was funneled directly to school districts.

Not only were school districts faced with the daunting task of supplying monetary resources to their special education population, they also needed to ensure that they were meeting the federal standards of a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE). In its infancy, FAPE was only partially met. Schools were able to show that special education students’ education was free and public but failed to prove that it was also appropriate. However, through the power of documentation, school districts discovered they could demonstrate that not only were they offering an appropriate education, but they were also making a sustained educational benefit for the child. As an ongoing record, documentation shows progress and illustrates how FAPE is met as well as delivering a truly individualized plan for each child. Wanting to make a difference and create a solution, MSB was initially formed with the purpose of maximizing reimbursements available through the Medicaid to Schools program while minimizing the administrative burden associated. Since MSB’s inception, we have served in 17 states and thousands of school districts, and in doing so, we have been involved in discovering and developing hundreds of thousands of students across the nation.

What began as a small solution evolved and matured into a powerful culture that has impacted the full scope of the education community that helps address and support the needs of educators and children. MSB has come alongside school districts to develop an environment that does more than simply seek reimbursement from the Medicaid to Schools Program. We strive to create and pursue a culture of documentation that involves both the collection of documentation and the guidance to prove out its importance in discovering and developing students. This evolution was a product of our flourishing partnerships with the districts we serve, as their growth demanded that we become more than just a Medicaid billing company. With the districts’ influence, we were able to provide a centralized documentation tool for all special education students. Our reinvigorated partnership with schools transformed MSB’s purpose into what it is today, which is to lead the charge for the collection of educational documentation in order to discover and develop students. Our efforts to achieve this purpose in collaboration with school districts provides educators with the necessary data to make informed decisions for their special education student population.

We focus exclusively on meeting the needs of school districts, implementing new technologies and processes with a commitment to excellence in quality and compliance in order to fulfill our purpose. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond the call of duty, not just existing as another billing vendor. MSB is not a one-size-fits-all company; we are versatile and fully customizable to fit each individual district’s needs. Rather than providing districts with only a single person as a resource, our entire company is available as a support system, with each and every member dedicated to our purpose and our guiding principles. We center ourselves on building lasting and meaningful relationships that create a family dynamic for both our clients and our employees. Rooted in community, trust, and transparency, MSB is held to the highest standard to empower and lead our clients and ourselves in a way that is always driven by one singular purpose - to discover and develop students!